10 Powerful WhatsApp Features You Should Know

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps around, and it’s got a lot to offer. Here are some of the niftiest features you might not know about.

You can customize the alert tone for individual chats or groups. This can help you differentiate between group chats that you don’t have to keep up with in real time, and important direct messages from loved ones.

1. Custom Notifications

If you use WhatsApp regularly, you probably get a lot of messages and calls. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could identify which call or message was from a specific contact or group?

You can now set custom alerts for calls and text messages with WhatsApp’s Custom Notifications feature. It’s available on Android and iPhone. It also includes settings for vibration alerts, lights, and pop-ups.

2. End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption is useful because it prevents information from being viewed or secretly changed by anyone other than the intended recipient. This helps defend against fraud, specifically message tampering by hackers and other bad actors.

Using end-to-end encryption also protects you against online privacy breaches by preventing service providers from accessing your messages. You can verify whether your chats are encrypted by tapping the contact, then the “Encryption” screen.

3. Audio Messages

According to GB WhatsApp, people send around seven billion voice notes every day. However, the company is always looking for ways to improve the feature. For instance, it’s now introducing fast playback speeds for both regular and forwarded messages. This will allow users to listen to voice messages at 1.5x or 2x speed.

Code detectives at WABetaInfo have also discovered that WhatsApp is testing a way for you to leave group chats without notifying everyone; ideal for virtual introverts.

4. Groups

WhatsApp’s Communities feature lets you organize groups together into one directory. Community admins have higher control over how members add groups to a community.

A default announcement group connects all groups in a community. Community admins can send messages to all linked groups. Messages and calls in communities are end-to-end encrypted. Communities also support 32-person video and voice calls, file sharing up to 2GB, and message reactions.

5. Emoji Reactions

Emoji reactions allow you to respond to messages in individual and group chats. They appear below the message and everyone in the chat can see them. Emojis are a great way to show excitement, gratitude, and appreciation. They’re also useful for keeping conversations succinct and reducing noise in conversations.

To use a reaction, long-press on the message and select a reaction from the emoji menu that appears. You can also remove your reaction by hovering over it and tapping .

6. Voice Messages

Voice messages are useful if you can’t text or don’t have time to call. However, they can be awkward if you accidentally send a long message or make a mistake.

In response to these concerns, WhatsApp has added a few helpful features to its voice messaging feature. The update includes new playback features like pausing and out-of-chat playback. It also lets you resume playback from the point where you paused.

7. Chats

In addition to regular chat messages, WhatsApp allows you to add interactive buttons like a GIF, calendar invite or Google Drive file. This helps you create a better client experience and increase conversion rates.

Need to emphasize a certain word or phrase in a message? You can do so by adding asterisks or underscores either side. You can also share your Live Location with your contact for a set duration.

8. Broadcast

WhatsApp’s broadcast lists allow users to send messages to a group of contacts without creating a group chat. Contacts who receive a message sent via broadcast list see it as a regular WhatsApp conversation with the sender and can respond in that thread. This can be useful for family members planning an event or businesses that want to communicate with customers. However, recipients cannot see who else received a message through a broadcast list.

9. Search

Rather than frantically scrolling back through old messages, WhatsApp’s search function is the way to go. It’s accessible by swiping down on your chat list.

If you don’t want to be pestered by blue ticks, it’s possible to disable read receipts (ergo the infamous dad joke). You can also tweak your privacy settings here, including whether your status is viewable by everyone or just contacts.

10. Group Settings

If you’re a group admin, WhatsApp has some powerful new tools to help you keep the group secure and organized. For example, you can turn on an option to require admin approval for new group members.

This is a great way to prevent people from adding anyone into the group without the admin’s permission. It also helps reduce the risk of people sharing inappropriate content in your group chats.