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Expand your business globally through professional translation services

In this globalized universe, businesses are consistently expanding across geographical borders to drive growth and increase/diversify their customer base. Not only customers, businesses are also hiring employees across borders to run their sales/operations from respective geographies as the local residents understand market better and help expedite the businesses growth process. While expanding abroad, effective communication is one of the key parameters to success and as such translation or localization plays a very significant role. Let’s discuss how you can expand your business globally through professional translation services.

One of the key issues which comes in while expanding across borders is the language and cultural difference! It goes without saying that people are more likely to read, understand and take interest in a content that is written in their native language / mother tongue than a second language such as English. So, let’s say, you are a IT service provider expanding to Spain and have your website currently in English. Translating this website to Spanish would go a long way in improving your customer’s engagement with the local Spanish-speaking population. Here comes the role of Professional website translation services. As such, no matter which industry you are in, translating your content whether it is marketing collateral, product leaflet, website, mobile app or a software – becomes critical and almost indispensable when you are expanding abroad.

As we have now understood the relevance of translation /localization services for expanding our business globally, the next important question is how do we get best, high-quality translations for our documents? While it may sound easier, especially in the era of Google translation, etc, the actual translation process is quite complex and requires an established professional translation company that can execute the translation task with utmost quality. So, how do you pick a translation agency that fits the bill? How do you ensure that you are getting a high quality, contextual translation for all your content and how will you ensure that the translations are actually doing justice to your original content?

The answers to all these questions is a well researched translation quality policy which defines the standard of quality of a translation agency shall provide. At LanguageNoBar, we are focussed towards quality and customer delight and follow a well established, multi-stage quality which ensures high quality, on time translations for all projects big or small. One of the key aspects of any quality translations is that the translation must be done by mother tongue native translators of the target language who are bilingual in the source language as well. While deploying native translators is a regulatory requirement for many pharmaceutical translations, native translators can actually do justice to the content and ensure high quality translation. The next step in our quality policy is proofreading by another native translator who is an industry expert. Proofreading ensures that the translated document is error free both in terms of grammar and context. Once proofread, our quality team follows a complete quality check with a dedicated quality checklist to ensure error free translation delivery.

Another important aspect to be considered while getting your content translated is the target locations’ culture/dialect. Many countries speak the same language but the tone/dialect is different. Accordingly, it becomes imperative to understand the target location and target audience while getting content localized/translated.

While choosing a translation agency for your translation requirement, ISO certifications can also be a selection criterion. ISO 17100 is a dedicated ISO certificate for translation quality and can be used for filtering agencies based on this quality certification.

In a nutshell, while every business wants to grow and expand across geographical boundaries, understanding the key challenges in this expansion is crucial to gain the maximum ROI on this. Translation services are one of the most underrated, yet critical parameters when you are planning to expand your business across borders. Defining the target location, and target audience, determining which content to translate and picking up a translation agency wisely are the keys to success for expanding abroad. For businesses with a mobile app, mobile app localization is one of the most critical parameters, as customers are more likely to engage with the app in their native language than in English. Numbers show that the downloads for native language apps are generally much higher than those only in English.

LanguageNoBar is an ISO 9001-2008, ISO 17100 and ISO 27001 certified company enabling customers bridge the language barrier by offering translation/localization services in 150+ languages through 10K+ translators across the globe. So, if you are looking to get your documents translated into the language of your choice, you can contact the leading translation agency of India – LanguageNoBar. Our support team works 24/7 to help resolve customer queries and our dedicated project manager ensures that your project is handled with utmost priority and care throughout the project lifecycle.