Tips for IELTS Candidates to Ace the Reading Module

IELTS is an international English language testing system. Candidates appear in the IELTS test to check their English language proficiency. The IELTS test evaluates candidates’ ability to read, write, speak, and listen in English.  Clearing the IELTS exam with a high band score in each module is difficult. Every candidate faces difficulties in different modules. To pass the IELTS exam, candidates have to master each module. 

However, the majority of candidates try to ace the reading module. As it is considered the most complicated module of the IELTS  test. In this module, candidates have to read three completely different passages and solve 40 different types of questions in just one hour. Most of the candidates fail in the reading module due to a lack of time management skills. So, in this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks that help you to ace the IELTS reading section.

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The following Mention Tips will help IELTS Candidates to Ace the Reading Module.

Develop Skills For Each Question Type

There are 14 different types of questions in the reading sections. Which include blanks, true-false, yes-no, summary compulsion, multiple-choice questions, sentence completion, and many more. Therefore, You have to develop a perfect strategy for each question type. In order to make sure that your strategy is working accurately, you have to implement it during the practice.


Skimming is one of the best strategies to ace the reading section. You can skim the passage within 3-4 minutes with rapid eye movements. It will help you to comprehend the gist and main idea of the passage. 

To skim a passage, you have to read the first paragraph carefully for the main idea.  Similarly, you have to read the last paragraph for a summary. Apart from this, do not forget to underline the keywords during the skimming.


Rapid reading is called scanning, and it is used to find specific information such as facts, technical terminology, or jargon. Implement scanning strategies to find important details like dates, names, and figures in the essay. To scan a passage move your quickly and underline the significant words like numbers and statistics. However, do not spend more than three minutes, and you should be quick, attentive, and concentrated.

The Answer is Paraphrased

Most of the time the answer is paraphrased in the reading passage. It will evaluate your ability to comprehend the same concepts using various phrasings and idioms. Additionally, it will increase your comfort level with linguistic complexity. Therefore, you must strengthen your vocabulary and also learn synonyms.

Don’t Leave Any Questions Unanswered

There is no negative marking system so it is advisable to not leave any questions unanswered. When time is running out go with guesses and gut feelings and write something in the answer box. May your luck work and your guessed answer get correct. That one point increases your band score from 6.5 to 7. will get

Read Different English Text

To polish your reading skills you have to read various English texts. There are various English texts available ranging from newspapers, magazines, and journals to business letters, press releases, and company reports. You can also read novels and books. In addition, when you get bored you can listen to broadcasts to understand their sentence structure, words, and synonyms.

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Wrapping up

To sum it up, passing the reading module is very difficult as candidates have to solve 40 different types of questions in just one hour.  However, candidates should use the skimming and scanning strategy to solve the questions on time. To get the high band score candidates must follow the above-mentioned strategies.

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