Shari Jordan

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Step-Mother, Shari Jordan?

The name Jeffrey Dahmer is synonymous with horror and infamy. He is one of the most notorious serial killers in American history, known for his gruesome crimes that shocked the world. But behind the chilling story of Jeffrey Dahmer, there is a lesser-known figure whose life became inexorably intertwined with his – Shari Jordan, his step-mother. In this article, we explore the life of Shari Jordan and the role she played in the shadow of one of the most infamous criminals of our time.

Early Life

Before her life became connected to the dark narrative of Jeffrey Dahmer, Shari Jordan was Shari Angle, born on November 11, 1951, in Sacramento, California. Her early years were those of an ordinary child, filled with dreams and aspirations, unaware of the horrors that would later become associated with her family.

Shari’s journey through life led her to various places and experiences. She had been married twice before she met Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey’s father. Her previous marriages had given her three children, making her a mother even before she entered the tumultuous world of the Dahmer family.

Meeting Lionel Dahmer

The course of Shari Jordan’s life took a fateful turn when she met Lionel Dahmer in 1978. At the time, Lionel was working as a chemist in Ohio. The two fell in love, eventually leading to their marriage. This union made Shari the stepmother to Lionel’s two sons from a previous marriage, including Jeffrey.

A Mother’s Struggle

Shari Jordan’s life as Jeffrey Dahmer’s stepmother was far from ordinary. As Jeffrey’s monstrous actions came to light, the world was left in shock. The man responsible for unimaginable atrocities had once been a young boy under the care of Shari and Lionel.

While Shari did not have an active role in raising Jeffrey during his teenage years, as he had moved in with his grandmother, she was forever haunted by the knowledge that the person responsible for such horrors had once been part of her family.

Coping with the Fallout

The revelation of Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes had a profound impact on Shari Jordan’s life. She found herself thrust into the media spotlight, facing questions from journalists and the public. The stigma of being connected to one of history’s most notorious serial killers was a burden she had to carry.

In interviews, Shari expressed profound grief and remorse for the victims and their families. She repeatedly distanced herself from Jeffrey’s actions, making it clear that she had no knowledge or involvement in his crimes. Her pain was palpable, a reflection of the unimaginable horror that her stepson had unleashed.

The Aftermath

After the trial and conviction of Jeffrey Dahmer, Shari Jordan tried to move on with her life. She divorced Lionel Dahmer in 1990, marking the end of her connection to the Dahmer family. She returned to her life in California, far away from the haunting memories of the past.

In later years, Shari preferred to stay out of the public eye, seeking privacy and solace in anonymity. She had endured a tremendous amount of pain and scrutiny due to her connection to Jeffrey Dahmer and deserved the peace she sought.


The story of Shari Jordan is a haunting reminder of the far-reaching impact of Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes. She was an ordinary woman who found herself thrust into an unimaginable nightmare, connected by marriage to one of history’s most infamous criminals. Shari Jordan’s life serves as a stark testament to the indelible mark that evil can leave on the lives of even those who had no part in it.

As the world grapples with the legacy of Jeffrey Dahmer, it is important to remember that behind every monstrous figure, there are those who suffer silently and bear the weight of a terrible past. Shari Jordan’s story is a tragic reminder of the collateral damage that such individuals can leave in their wake and serves as a somber reflection on the enduring scars of one of the darkest chapters in criminal history.

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